For Delivery: +973 32010971

For Delivery: +973 32010971


Are your vegetables organic?

All our products are all natural and 100% pesticide free spin harvest. The word organic has become very commercial and we at Peninsula farms feel that it’s not adding value to our customers to pay for the use of this word. The value we add is all natural products available fresh and local on a daily basis.

Are our goats hormone free?

All our goats are absolutely 100% hormone free and our dairy products are free of any additives and preservatives

Are hydroponic vegetables healthy?

Hydroponics is absolutely a healthy way to grow vegetables: the plants receive all the nutrients required just as they would in conventional agriculture. The difference is that they receive them through clean water and not through the potentially harmful soil which could increase the risk of diseases. Also, hydroponically grown vegetables are grown much more efficiently than conventional agriculture, and this helps the environment, especially in our region where the climate can be very harsh.

Why is goat milk soap good?

Peninsula Farms goat milk soap is made with all natural ingredients and is very gentle to the skin. Our goats milk is the secret. The Capri caprilic tryglisorates that are found in goats milk act as a natural exfoliant, removing all dead skin cells from the skin and leaving your skin feeling smooth and healthy.

What conditions is goat milk soap good for?

Because of the high conditioning factor of our soap and the benefits of the goat milk, our soap may help with reducing the negative affects of ezcema and psoriasis. Also our soap may help reduce Acne and dry skin. We say all this knowing that all skin conditions are different but using an all natural soap such as Peninsula farms goat milk soap will complement a healthy diet and lead to healthier skin.

Are all your products made in Bahrain?

Yes, all vegetables sold from Peninsula farms are grown right here in the kingdom of Bahrain. Also, we use only fresh goats milk for all our dairy products. We have 600 happy healthy goats that are taken care off to give us this milk daily.

Is your rennet halal?

Yes, we use halal rennet in the production of our cheese

Where do you get your seeds and are they GMO free?

We source all our seeds from Holland and yes 100% of our products are GMO free.